Practical Presentation Skills

Whether you're building a presentation for your Client's sales team, presenting creative in a Tissue Session or getting ready for a New Business Pitch, Preparation , Structure and Delivery are the key components you need to master first. Tyler McManus delivers this virtual training module over three (3) 75-minute sessions. Delivered over three (3) days, participants will have time to digest and apply each module before moving on to the next pillar.

This seminar provides tools and best practices to prepare, structure and deliver your presentation in the most effective manner consistently. Tyler guides participants through working sessions aimed at providing a framework for consistent results whether you're delivering your material virtually or face to face.

Key Components:

  • 8 Step Planning Tool
  • Setting Objectives
  • Structure Fundamentals
  • Presentation Planning
  • Leading Conversations - Phone/Zoom
  • Virtual Delivery
  • Face to Face Delivery

Participants are provided with the practical tools and tips needed to create consistently effective and engaging phone calls, video calls and presentations of any length. They'll learn how structure allows for flexibility and gain a deeper appreciation for the value of consistent preparation and a heightened awareness of how impactful their delivery is.

This session is delivered virtually over Zoom. ETA for course is March 2021. Date and time is TBD. A minimum of 12 participants needed to run the course. For a detailed syllabus contact Leah Power.


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