Effie Awards Canada launches inaugural judging process

Judging is now well underway for the first-ever Effie Awards Canada, the program that replaces the CASSIES in 2019 and provides a global spotlight for Canada’s most effective brands and agencies.

The first stage of judging, featuring more than 50 senior client and agency people, involves a ‘cross Canada’ process across Canada, covering sessions in Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal, that identify finalists.

This is followed by a second phase to decide on Gold, Silver & Bronze winners along with a Grand Prix winner, happening with a smaller group of senior marketers, in the third week of March, ahead of the Effie Awards night in Toronto on June 6th.

The ICA is also delighted to announce that The Globe & Mail has signed as the primary sponsor of Effie Awards Canada, a partnership that will raise the profile and prestige of the awards.

Darrell Hurst, Director, Effie Canada at the ICA, said: 

“The dialogue and engagement in the judging rooms has been amazing. We’re seeing such a wide variety of case studies, there’s now a place for every campaign that takes a brand down the path to great business results.  We’ve seen great rigor in the entries as the awards really place a premium on building a smart, thoughtful, business case.”

And Effie Canada’s links to Effie Worldwide will supply the awarded brands and agencies with a broader awareness platform said Hurst: 

“Effie Awards Canada provides a big opportunity to show what we can do in Canada on a bigger, global stage because Effie Worldwide is supportive of marketing effectiveness in more than 50 countries.”

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