ICA Research & Incite

Members have access to our exclusive information resources & customized research services. Staffed by a professional advertising librarian, we are on standby to answer your questions.

If you are in a rush, or have no idea where to look for answers, ICA Research & Incite is there for you. Let us help you & your team be more effective & informed because, after all, knowledge is power.

This service is not reserved for the strategy department. Anyone with a quest for more knowledge on any subject can utilize the service.

Examples of tools & assistance offered:

  • Primary research: annual benchmarking surveys (compensation, pricing, agency growth driver, agency turnover), & bespoke member surveys.
  • Job descriptions repository (over 400+ agency specific titles)
  • New Business research – opportunity prospecting, pitch preparation & competitive benchmarking.
  • New Business Opportunity Alert Service – frequent alerts on opportunities that may be of interest.
  • Quick reference–anything you need when researching a person, company or sector.
  • Deep Dives – longer reads & bespoke explorations on ANY topic
  • Competitive intelligence to help benchmark against peers, & clients in their category.
  • We subscribe to thousands of trade publications, so we can quickly find the most precise, authoritative & comprehensive info for you.

To get started contact Jo-Ann McQuillan at jo-ann@theica.ca or call 416-482-1396 x224