Jelly Academy 2022 ICA Member Discount

Jelly Academy 2022 ICA Member Discount

Jelly Academy and the ICA have partnered to offer members an exclusive $1,500 discount to help jumpstart your digital marketing learning!

This course covers helps with the digital maturation, up skilling and accreditation that your agency needs! You’ll learn the important aspects of social media, public relations, SEO, Google Ads & Analytics, and Facebook & Instagram Ads, all taught by industry experts. Learn the ins and outs of each of these arms within the marketing mix to walk away with the knowledge, tools and certifications to help you to provide your client with the consultancy they need.

This course is ideal for those working in an agency looking to add more tools and skills to their repertoire. Jelly Academy provides the guidance and lessons needed for getting more micro certifications including, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, SEMRush and Hootsuite's Social Media management certifications. 

Winter Semester: February 22 to March 29

Spring Semester: May 3 to June 7

Summer Semester: July 5 to August 9

Fall Semester: October 4 to November 6

To learn more about the course please visit:

Connect with for more information about the Summer or Fall semester and to receive the promo code. For ICA Members only.