Scope: Who Owns it, Why it is Challenging, and Separating Value Versus Cost

Agencies create their own misery, despite their best intentions. Agency life feels like an endless struggle to deliver, with angry deadlines shouting from every direction. 

Some argue that this is just the way things will always be. In reality, hidden fear of failure drives irrational moves by agencies that make things worse, much worse. In our work with over 200 agencies we’ve uncovered a critical set of “broken assumptions” that befuddle agency managers and leaders, deepening burnout and squandering budgets.


In this fast-moving 55-minute webinar, we'll uncover and discuss:

  • The broken assumptions behind scope-driven burnout
  • Who should really own scope, why and when
  • Why the way you sell should not drive the way you deliver
  • Three reasons why scope conversations and briefs often fail
  • Why traditional project and scope management techniques make things worse

Join us for a virtual webinar with Jack Skeels, CEO & Founder of AgencyAgile. Jack and AgencyAgile are on a mission to boost Advertising/Marketing/Digital agency performance and improve their clients' success.

10:30AM PT / 11:30AM PT
55-minute session
For ICA Members Only.


About AgencyAgile

We combine all of our digital agency, technology, and program management background with the best of Agile methodologies to help our agency partners define a system of culture, people, process and tools that creates superior results for all involved.