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The Drivers of Marketing Effectiveness - 7 Principles of Success

The Canadian Creative Effectiveness Summit welcomed Peter Field - renowned advertising effectiveness expert - to the virtual stage for his talk “The Drivers of Marketing Effectiveness – 7 Principles of Success” and to announce landmark research project.

Much of Field’s work focuses on the importance of brand building. In this insightful and practical presentation, Field presents evidence – featuring some new Canadian data - showing the role brand building plays in driving effectiveness, and the top considerations for marketers when developing a campaign, from building mental availability and engaging emotionally, to the importance of reach and the right media balance.

Field ended the presentation by announcing a landmark partnership with the ICA that will harvest Effie data to uncover uniquely Canadian drivers of marketing effectiveness.

Grand Effie Live

IKEA’s campaign emerged as the winner at the Summit. It triumphed after all the Gold winners in the 2020 Effie Canada Awards battled it out, sharing their effectiveness cases to the live virtual audience, before the jury shared its decision. Watch the all the gold winning cases below.

Grand Effie Live: IKEA & Rethink

Jordan Sequeira of IKEA with Sean McDonald of Rethink, present the gold winning IKEA Bedtime case study.

Grand Effie Live: SickKids & Cossette

Kate Torrance of Sick Kids with Denika Angelone of Cossette, present the gold winning Sick Kids Vs Crews campaign.

Grand Effie Live: Narrative & Bensimon Byrne

Andrea Lee from Narrative with Joseph Bonnici of Bensimon Byrne, present the Effie Gold awarded White Ribbon Boys Don’t Cry work.

Grand Effie Live: Interval House & Union Creative

Katie Mosher of Interval House with Kristine Lafreniere of Union Creative, present their gold awarded Interval House Freedom Tampons campaign.