ICA Agency Intelligence Network

ICA Agency Intelligence Network

Take advantage of the ICA’s unique survey service for members, fuelled by member insights.

The ICA Agency Intelligence Network is populated with questions from members looking for Canadian advertising industry intelligence that can’t be sourced elsewhere.

The ICA acts as a neutral party – we take your questions & optimize them for data collection. Then we deliver a survey on your behalf. It is free & confidential, affording you a priceless opportunity to see how other agencies do things.

Survey participants are provided first access to briefings generated by each survey. A month later, the briefing is made available on the website.

How Does It Work?

Do you have a question that you would like us to ask other members on your behalf? Just contact us & we will start building a survey for you.

How Often?

Agency Intelligence Network surveys usually come out on a monthly basis, but may be more frequent if there is sufficient demand. Many Agency Intelligence Network surveys contain more than one question.

What Kinds of Questions Can Be Included?

We are open to exploring any topic that is relevant to our members. We will exercise discretion in exploring politically sensitive topics, & on rare occasions, may refuse to conduct a survey on an inappropriate topic.

Agency Intelligence Network surveys are designed to capture intelligence that is not collected by our standard annual surveys.

For more information contact Jo-Ann McQuillan at or call on 416 886 4611.