ICA Community App

ICA Community App

The ICA Community app is an exclusive new app for members to enable you to connect easily with our range of communications and services.

Didn’t receive your invite to join the app? Click here and we’ll get you set-up! Then just look out for the invite email to sign-up, and follow the link through to download from Android and iOS app stores.

ICA Community provides you with convenient and seamless communication by bundling all member communications into a single, secure, interactive platform.

In addition to enabling the ICA membership to access a full range of content including training, leadership sessions, and Effie Canada updates, the ICA Community app will offer the chance for individual members to connect securely with one another through chat groups.

Created in partnership with Netherlands-based app specialist Bundeling, the ICA Community app includes features developed exclusively to help you get the most from your membership. Hope to see you in the ICA Community soon.

ICA Community

FAQ & User Guidance

What is the ICA Community?

It’s THE place to stay connected to the industry of advertising, marketing, public relations, and communications agencies and their people. You control how you want to connect with the ICA Community and how it connects with you. Would you like a tour of the ICA Community app? Connect in with the ICA Team and we’ll show you around!

How do I find the app on my phone?

On the iPhone, open the search bar, type in Bundeling and if the app has been downloaded the ICA Logo, titled Bundeling appears. On the Android, open the search bar, type in ICA and if the app has been downloaded the ICA Logo, titled ICA Community appears.

Is there a desktop application?

The ICA Community app is mobile-first but for your convenience there is a desktop application that has all of the same great features to keep you connected to the community. Simply open up your desktop browser and go to the ICA Community App login screen. Now open the ICA Community mobile app on your iPhone or Android and click on the monitor icon [  ] at the bottom of the screen. Hit “Scan QR Code” and hold the camera up to the screen. Voila. No need to remember your password, you’ll be connected to the ICA Community Desktop instantly.

How do I receive an invite to download the app?

Connect with the ICA Team and we’ll make sure you’re set up in our database and in the ICA Community app. You’ll then receive an invite with instructions on how to download the app from the iPhone or Android stores.

Upcoming Events

Stay up to date on ICA Community events, training and transformation group discussions. You’ll find registration links and meeting info related to events that you’ll be interested in. Some will be open to everyone and others will be curated to specific communities within the ICA Community to make your experience more personal and interactive.

Community Information

This is the place to find out what’s going on in the ICA Community. This is news that affects you, that affects your agency, that affects the industry. We’ll be showcasing Report on Marketing and Pitch Watch to start with so stay tuned to this menu items to ensure you are in the loop on agency thought leadership and the conversations we’re having with clients about their pitch processes!

Group Chats

Transformation Groups, Effie Awards Canada, Northern Maverick Collective are just a taste of the group chats available for you to connect with the ICA Community. There’s something for everyone – open chats, leadership chats, talent chats. Interested in a chat that you don’t see listed in your profile? Reach out to the ICA Team and we’ll get you connected!

Bulletin Board

The Bulletin Board is a place just for you! Post your questions, promote an offer or suggest a gathering. This is your place to connect with the ICA Community the way you want. Pose a question, let folks know how to connect with you.

Select groups have access to Recruitment and Looking for Freelance boards. If you’d like to be added to these boards please connect with the ICA Team.


Have your perspective heard via the ICA’s polls. The ICA takes its direction from YOU and we want to hear what’s important to you and how we can support and represent you. We’ll be putting out polls where you can provide us with your insights and help direct the ICA’s initiatives and agenda.

Have an Agency Intelligence Network question to pose to a specific group? Connect with the ICA Team and we’ll set up the poll for you and provide you with the results.


You’ll find all of the ICA Member agency employees – the ICA Community – in the Profiles menu. This is where your personal profile is viewed by others in the ICA Community. Provide as much or as little information as you feel comfortable with. 

My Connections

Identify your close connections in the Profile menu by clicking on the person’s name. Once in their Profile click the +image002.png icon. Once the connection request is accepted, you’ll then see them grouped in the My Connections menu. Now you can connect easily to your select groupInbox.

The private messaging portal where you can connect with other users and your connections. 

Member Resources

The place to find member-only documents, content and video links and important guidance from the ICA to Amplify, Protect and Transform your business.


A complete listing of the ICA’s member agencies. This is a closed community of members that is safe and secure.

Where is my personal data stored?

Personal Identifiable Information (PII) (work email, company, title, work phone, mobile, in-person event registration information, etc.) gathered in the administration and use of the ICA Community application is stored outside of Canada in a Netherlands-based secure server facility managed by our service partner, Bundeling. Currently all personal information beyond name and agency employer are hidden from other app users. Should this all-app restriction be lifted in the future, users will be provided with ample time to hide any and all personal information contained within the application on their profile should they wish to do so. Please see our full privacy policy for more information on how the ICA protects your profile information.

Who should I contact if I’m having technical issues?

Please reach out directly to the ICA Team if you’re experiencing any technical issues with the mobile app or the desktop app.

Your Agency’s Intra-Web

No need to recreate the wheel! You can use the ICA Community to create a unique agency community for your employees – your own intra-web. The ICA team and other users cannot see your chats, participate in your activities or be a part of your bulletins. Connect with for more information.