IDEA Competition 2023 Entry

IDEA Competition 2023 Entry

This year we celebrate Newcomers to Canada.  The IDEA Competition exists to increase authentic storytelling as part of brand strategy.  We are asking for-profit companies to showcase how they build relevancy with Newcomers to Canada in an authentic way.  The brand can use a charity or non-profit as part of the narrative, but the for-profit brand must lead the creative message.

As you think about your entry, think about the following, as these will be some of the aspects the judges will be looking for:

  • How will you deliver a great campaign across Bell Media channels between January and June 2024?
  • How have you explored the meaning of “A Newcomer to Canada?”
  • Have you involved “Newcomers” in your planning and execution of the campaign idea?
  • With the competition focussing on Inclusivity, Diversity and Equity in Advertising how have you explored this in your idea?
  • Have you considered intersectionality and authentic experience of “Newcomers?”
  • How are the lives of “Newcomers” represented in your idea?
  • How does your campaign relate to the brand strategy of the lead for-profit brand in your idea?

All entries must be in English for judging purposes, but the winning entry can be executed in French and English.  For French to English translation services please contact Carole Gaudette

Thank you, we have received your submission Main Entry Contact CEO or Senior Executive Contact at Entrant’s Company Contact at client Brand In supplying these details you agree that the ICA can contact your client directly in relation to the judging and administration of this competition. For the agency For the brand For the Campaign Idea (The following are not compulsory) These next sections are not compulsory but can be used to provide judges with additional insight into your idea.

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