The impact of the Israel and Hamas war on our teams and peers

The impact of the Israel and Hamas war on our teams and peers

My son is 15 and has two best friends, they have a passion for soccer and computer games.  One friend is Jewish the other is a recent Palestinian refugee.  One has lost a family member. One has missing family members. Both are angry.  Both are scared. Both are being bullied. Both are struggling to talk to each other.   Both have family pressure to not talk to each other.  My son doesn’t know what to do. We are trying to guide him as best we can. All they want to do is play soccer and video games, but the Israel and Hamas war is impacting them, it is hurting them.

As well as talking with my son, over the past few days, I have spoken with and heard from many people in the industry in respect of the terrible events in Israel and Gaza.  I am deeply sympathetic to all who are affected, especially those who may be more directly impacted.  I grieve with you.  I am shocked and appalled by the heinous acts perpetrated against innocent and defenseless victims, and my heart goes out to all who are deeply and understandably distraught by these events.  My fervent wish is – and always will be - that the movement towards resolution and stability in this part of the world and elsewhere will not be deterred by those who choose violence and abhor peace.

The ICA encourages all member agencies to reach out to team members who are being impacted by this war.  To do this personally and offer individual support in a real and meaningful way.  We must support each other.

Please also check in personally with your peers.

The ICA continues to encourage agencies and clients to open their recruitment opportunities to industry colleagues from other countries, as they seek to find shelter from the devastation and discrimination they face.

Please reach out to the organizations below to help where you can.

Jump Start Refugees

Talent Beyond Boundaries