IDEA Summit Speaker Interviews

IDEA Summit Speaker Interviews

We assembled some of the best minds in the world to talk on inclusivity, diversity, and equity. And they took time out after their presentations to discuss the key issues facing Canadian advertising today. You can see the highlights here.

Cindy Gallop

Founder of IfWeRanTheWorld and MakeLoveNotPorn

“The title of my talk is ‘How to Make an Absolute Shit Ton of Money’. And that’s deliberate because that’s how much money our industry’s leaving on the table and failing to make.”

Tea Uglow

Creative Director, Google Creative Lab – Sydney

“Uncommon is not abnormal, it’s just uncommon.”

Asad Dhunna

Founder, The Unmistakables 

“How can people feel empowered to talk to their bosses, their clients, their colleagues, about helping their brands take a stance and be more representative of society?”

Brian Frederick

Executive Vice President of Communications, The ALS Association; and Francesca Shaw, Research Linguist, Lyrebird

“You want to think about having a diverse user base but also reflecting that in the people developing marketing campaigns. Diversity is good at every level and really will help make good stuff.”

Ira Baptiste

Senior Vice President, Brandfire Marketing Group; and Ari Seth Cohen, Creator of Advanced Style

“We are victims of what we ingest, it’s about how older people are portrayed. Quit serving up the status quo would be a huge step.”

IDEA Summit Presentations

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