IDEA Summit Speakers

IDEA Summit Speakers

Watch the full video from two days of inspirational speeches:

Andrew Gurza

Disability Awareness Consultant

"Turning My Cripple Identity Into Creativity"

“We often overlook disability, or we put disability into projects as an afterthought, because we want to be inclusive.”

Liz Jackson

Founder, The Disabled List

"Design with Disability"

“My experience of inclusive design is one where my disabled peers and myself are excluded from the design process.”

Tea Uglow

Creative Director, Google Creative Lab Sydney

"Normality is Stupid: How to Incubate Inclusion, Innovation & Creativity"

“Inclusion’s not a new idea but it’s always really weird that we spend a lot of time asking people to think outside the box, and very little time hiring people who are already outside the box.”

Asad Dhunna

Founder, The Unmistakables

"Are We Woke Enough Yet?"

“When people care, and they’re woke, they will spend time giving you feedback.”

Jefferson Darrell

PR Consultant, Jefferson Darrell & Associates

"We Are Humans First!"

“I don’t see people who look like me at all, not just in PR, but across most of the agency worlds.”


Brian Frederick

EVP Communications, The ALS Association; and Francesca Shaw, Research Linguist, Lyrebird

"Project Revoice"

“We’re trying to provide a platform for people to use their voices that hasn’t existed before..”


Ramaa Mosley

Executive Creative Director, and Hope Farley, Executive Producer, at Adolescent

"Gen Z Prodigy Storytellers: Learning from Inexperience and Diversity"

“Young creators have powerful ideas and their peers care about them.”


Emma Reeves

Executive Director, Free the Bid

"Diverse Storytelling = Better Marketing"

“There is a great push to diversify creative departments... but think about every part of the production pipeline and it’s mainly white male.”


Darren Martin Jr.

Founder and CEO, Bold Culture

"A Voice at the Table: How to Build Inclusive Work Cultures to Improve Company Output"

Gardenia Flores

Director of Brand and Digital, the ICA

& Ryan Hollinrake

Executive Director, Good Foot Delivery

"disABILITY in the Workplace"

“There’s this unwillingness to educate in terms of understanding that they’re people, forget the disability.”