ICA Community

Whether on-line or at physical events ICA Community is where we share knowledge, share vision and share possibilities

It’s a place where our people can share their realities, their best practices and their concerns. We can learn from great speakers and opinion formers.  We will also work together to create solutions that help the entire industry. Our aim is to drive Canadian agency growth so we can support and develop our great people.

The sessions are a combination of special guests sharing their thought leadership and agency peer groups collaborating and co-creating.

Below is the schedule of ICA Community sessions, some open to everyone and others for members only. Please feel free to share this information with friends and colleagues throughout the agency industry. We look forward to connecting with you. If you’d like to know more about IVY connect with Leah Power leah@theica.ca. If you’d like to know more or aren’t currently a member agency contact ICA President & CEO, Scott Knox scott@theica.ca.

█ Open sessions
█ Member only sessions
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