Advertising Unlimited Student Insider Summer Camp 2020

Advertising Unlimited Student Insider Summer Camp 2020

Summer Camp 2020 is now closed. Congratulations to our Student Insiders for learning what agency is all about. A huge thank you to our Camp Counsellors for taking time out of their busy schedules to invest in our Future Talent.

Curious about what it’s like to work at an agency? Then the Student Insider Summer Camp is for you!

Want to be a Student Insider? Click here for the session schedule.

The Advertising Unlimited Student Insider Summer Camp is for anyone who's interested in learning more about working in the advertising, marketing and communications agency industry. 

Whether you're looking for an internship, a job after graduation, returning to work or changing careers, Advertising Unlimited wants you to participate.

And now the Institute of Canadian Agencies is stepping up the initiative to offer regular online sessions, free of charge through Zoom, hosted by professionals currently working in agencies. These people will share their experiences, their realities, and their hard-won insights into what makes a career at an agency and how to succeed.

Students and professionals from all disciplines and every demographic are welcome -- indeed, urged -- to participate. Since 2008, the ICA has run an annual opportunity to visit leading agencies and explore the variety of careers possible in this dynamic industry. Now we’re expanding this successful initiative to really take you behind the scenes of what an agency does, how they work and what a career in an agency might look like.

Gain Valuable Experience & Insight

Advertising Unlimited wants to inspire you to consider an agency career. There are a wide range of roles in an agency just for you. Today's agencies are responsible for tasks as diverse as Creative, UX/UI, IT, Business Development, Client Leadership, Analytics, Planning, Research, HR, Finance, Marketing, and PR. 

The newly expanded Advertising Unlimited initiative, Student Insider Summer Camp, fosters learning and connection with top agency experts, provides insight into what working in a busy local agency is all about, and encourages relevant agency contacts that may lead to job leads, internships, or future employment. So get involved - things just won't be the same without you!

Want to be a Student Insider? Click here for the session schedule

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  • Free interactive Zoom sessions hosted by agency professionals from creative, media, public relations, experiential and digital firms.
  • Presentations, panel discussions and lots of opportunity for Q&A.
  • Sessions covering client leader, strategy, creative and much more. 
  • Attendees must pre-register via Zoom – see session schedule.

Client Leader Sessions

  1. What is Client Leadership at an Agency?
  2. Client Leader Fundamentals: Project management 
  3. Client Leader Fundamentals:  The Anatomy of a Brief 
  4. How to manage your Client Leadership career with intent
  5. A day in the life of a Client Leader…Entry-level to Intermediate Panel 
  6. A day in the life of a Client Leader…Senior Panel 
  7. A day in the life of a Client Leader…Executive Panel 

Strategy & Planning Sessions

  1. What is Strategy & Planning at an Agency?
  2. How I Became a Strategist 
  3. Strategy Fundamentals: What is an insight? 
  4. Strategy Fundamentals: Introduction to Research
  5. How to manage your Strategy & Planning career with intent
  6. A day in the life of a Strategist…Entry-level to Intermediate Panel
  7. A day in the life of a Strategist…Senior to Executive Panel 

Creative Sessions

  1. What is Creative at an Agency?
  2. Creative Fundamentals: Portfolio Review
  3. Creative Fundamentals: How to work effectively in a team
  4. How to manage your Creative career with intent 
  5. A day in the life of a Creative…Entry-level to Intermediate Panel
  6. A day in the life of a Creative…Senior to Executive Panel 

Agency Leadership Sessions

  1. How did I get here? Exploring the behaviours required to make it to the c-suite.
  2. How an agency works? How curiosity helped me to get to the c-suite.
  3. The Ins & Outs of the Agency World - Exploring agency vs. client-side marketing
  4. The Finance & Operations of an Agency
  5. The Post-COVID-19 Agency 
  6. A day in the life of…a Chief Executive Officer / Chief Operations Officer

Explorer Sessions

  • How to Network Like a Pro
  • Diversity & Inclusion: Being Your Authentic Self
  • Campaign Walkthrough – Understand the Alchemy of Effective Marketing
  • How to Bring Your Outside, Inside: How Your Interests Can Help Your Career
  • Working for Someone vs. Working for Yourself
  • The Secret Life of a Data Strategist
  • Creating Innovative Digital Experiences
  • Continuing Education
  • How Best to Reach Your Desired End State
  • Diversity & Inclusion: Introduction to PrideAM and POCAM
  • Ad Standards: An introduction to the Code and Clearance Services
  • The Healthcare Code: Introduction to PAAB

Agency Professionals

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Academic Partners

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Student Insider Summer Camp Schedule

Session schedule, presenter details and registration details are here.

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