ICA speaks out on Accenture’s programmatic ad buying

ICA speaks out on Accenture’s programmatic ad buying

The ICA, on behalf of it membership, criticized the move by Accenture Interactive to launch a Programmatic Services unit.

Joining a chorus of voices around the world, including the IPA (Institute of Practitioners in Advertising) in the UK, we believe that Accenture’s big step into the agency space is incompatible with its core business as a media auditor, & we’re calling on Canadian marketers to be extremely wary.

“Accenture’s move to open a digital ad buying division isn’t a shot across the bow of media agencies. Rather it’s an explosive conflict of interest; it’s double dealing,”

 says Scott Knox, president & CEO of the ICA.

“The ICA believes that no company can legitimately provide digital media buying & media auditing services to clients.  Accenture is no longer an impartial advisor when it does both. It defies human nature to believe that confidential client & agency media data & monetary information won’t be shared across a workplace for financial gain.”